Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Thou at the stars dost gaze, who art my star--O would that I were
Heaven, to gaze on thee, ever with thousands of eyes."

Just a feeling......
Such, that you try penning down a bit and the dictionary seems not enough. Rendered unable, feel paralysed, too small to write but cannot come out of the beautiful feeling - enjoying, relishing, thinking & admiring more as you go down deeper into it when ultimately you find yourself engulfed in the sphere of love. The more you dig the more you find there is, to explore. And yet, while you hate to get disturbed in the most loving exercise, you have no idea what and how it was all about.

Thousands and millions of Poets, writers, psychologists, philosophers, thinkers, sages, clergy and even the holy books have written, tried, explored or perceived about love. Thousand brains, thousand views. The journey through time had added more to the definition of love, making it simple to understand. Or appending to the intricacies?
“an intense feeling of deep affection / a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone / a great interest and pleasure in something” is what our Compact Oxford English Online Dictionary has to say about Love (http://www.askoxford.com/concise_oed/love?view=uk). So much for a simple feeling!!!

Adding to the minutiae have been the methodical, meticulous research work that has been carried down the ages. Its puzzling, as to why one does not accept the term in its simplicity. A lot been said and heard. We, today, intend to think it all philosophically and thereby completely ignoring the way it could be expressed simply. Anything that’s expressed simply ‘cannot be Love’ is, what is, tacitly believed.

Who could have guessed that Plato, who denounced love would one day inscribe the above epigram. Was this his love towards ‘thinking’ or towards his friend he wrote it for? To underline the magnitude of love, we always try to find out new ways where we can express it, like the great Philosopher used his thoughts to write the best lyrics ever in Greece. All kinds of similes and metaphors being used because a mere ‘I love you’ is too old-fashioned to express the fondness. I did a kind of small survey with my colleagues of What do they think love is? And, not surprisingly, I got all expected answers- from words like Commitment, Trust, Sharing, Winning, Frienship, most beautiful feeling to words like Sexual satisfaction, Sexual urge etc I got all kind of answers. Then there were guys who could not answer, simply because, they have no idea what the word might mean. They do not want to speak because its not that Simple. Its something, that is out of reach, an area for philosophers, thinkers and writers. And this is the irony. While the first set of people tried to interpret deeply, the latter fear to say anything just in case they cause mis-respect to Love. The whole process, however, for some unknown reason, does not let us to think it in the most simple terms. Why can the word be not taken direcltly from our dear Oxford Dictionary as every other word? Why is it so that we tend to think about it deeply? Even while I write this I am thinking deeply, infact trying hard, however, probably, I am able to just float on the surface. Why is it that the words like ‘eternity’, ‘perpetuity’, ‘purity’, ‘faith’, ‘trust’, ‘commitment’, et al form a web around Love? There is always a mention of eternal love. Why?

With zillions of opinions that the eminent pioneers have given till date, it compels one to think that isn’t it that Love is a personal feeling. And there is no-one spared from it in his / her lifetime. With everyone having his / her share to add something to the view.

All swimmers do not have the same opinion about the pool. Nevertheless, it’s the same water but each one of them taste it differently. Some might like to swim the whole of life while some may just swim for a few hours to chill out. Yes, it’s the same way.

Think simply and you will fall in love with love (not to mention the one whom you do!!)

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Good one. I really appreaciate your writing skills